TORCHBEARER: Session 4b (Solitude)

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They say most folks live in towns, but it’s hard to imagine how anyone could live there for long. Town is noisy, crowded and, worst of all, expensive.
Still, it’s not without benefits. It’s a safe haven and a place to sharpen steel and draw up new plans. But it’s no place for the likes of us. Without title, letters of recommendation or enough lucre to drown in, we’re treated little better than chattel.

Town is a savage and unforgiving place, like a dungeon. And like a dungeon, it is not a natural place for adventurers to be. You need to learn to navigate town just as you need to learn to navigate the mazes and pit traps of the dungeon.

When you enter town, we will do the following in order:
Spend remaining checks - spend check to recover from conditions or save them to gain XP from helping at tests, can't use it for activities

  • Determine the watch - which guild is on duty today?
  • Roll on the Entering Town tables randomly determine what is happening in Town this visit. Could be catastrophic!
  • Dispose of spoiled food - fresh rations go bad. To the dogs!
  • Level up - yay!
  • Strategize - who carries what loot?
  • Haggle do we waste precious time trying to get better deals, possibly annoying the merchants anyway?
  • Choose Accommodations - you gotta sleep somewhere. Adds to Lifestyle Debt.
  • Do Stuff (see below)
  • Leave Pay your Lifestyle Debt. If you succeed, recover Nature. If you succeed, have full Nature, and no Conditions, gain Fresh!

In the town phase, you do not use turns or checks. Instead, you pick from a menu of options represented by locations in the town like the market or tavern. Each location offers a service that you can engage with. For example, at the tavern you can hear rumors and at the market you can buy what equipment you need. In addition to engaging with the services of the town, you can conduct any personal business you might have—meeting with a friend, repairing your kit, writing a spell onto a scroll, etc.

Life in town is expensive. The longer you stay, the more debt you accumulate.

Going to the Marketplace in Town doesn't add to your Lifestyle Debt. Thus, buying items is a separate Resource test for each item (see list below for Obs). When you don't have any Resources, or are worried you might fail the test, spend Loot to boost your Resources roll AND ALSO to insulate your Resources from tax.

Resource Tax is a condition. That means that if the GM imposes Tax from a failed roll, you still get what you were after, just like with any other condition.

As an example, say you want to buy Torches (Ob 1). You don't have any Resources, so you barter off your marble dragon head and add 3D cash to the roll. You roll three dice, but no successes.  So, what?  3D gone and you get nothing?  No.
The DM will likely give you a Condition, such as Resource Tax, and you get the Torches. In the game fiction, that is an even barter - you give up the marble statue, the shopkeeper gives up some torches, and nobody owes anything to each other.

Use your treasure wisely, and you will begin to build your Resources. When you and your companions all have high Resources, even a little bit of treasure can take you a long way. But you'll have to play smart to build up to that.

Lastly, like a Conflict, you can only mark one instance of experience for Resources when visiting Town.

TORCHBEARER: Session 4a (Try not to starve to death on your way through the parking lot)

Having just slain the Hobgoblin Warchief Ghaaldar, you find yourselves hungry, alone, battered, beaten, and nearing the point of complete breakdown. The surrounding forested hills are blanketed in encroaching darkness as the sun begins to dip below the horizon. The cold night air begins to blow in, and the first signs of snow flakes drift down from the heavens.

What do you do?!


TORCHBEARER: Session 3c (End Session & Rewards)

A cunning ploy by Fendrol draws out Ghaaldar from the safety of his troops into a deadly one-on-one fight to the death. Fendrol is able to play on Ghaaldar's hubris, waiting for the right moment to strike and leading his opponent into a false sense of superiority. And strike he does! The whip-quick attacks of Ghaaldar's black blade, Ebon Tooth, sing through the air , but oh, a little too quick! The blade arcs overhead one handed, slices against Fendrol's armor, the ghetto-flail whips around the other way, catches the strong left arm of Ghaaldar, a tussle, a struggle, back and forth,..... and Fendrol plunges the black blade into Ghaaldar's throat!

Blood splatters across the cave floor and the assembled Hobgoblins recoil in fear! Their once-powerful champion has fallen! The spearhead to their invasion plans broken!

Seizing the moment, our dungeoneers scramble down the cliff face and run to the edge of the nearby wilderness. Panting, sweating, terrified, starving, and exhausted.... but alive!

Mithras jumps in and tries to cook a quick meal, but a cold wind blows in from the frosty steppe, snuffing out the cook fires. The sun sets low, plunging the lands into darkness (dim light).
TECH - 5263

========== END TURN 16 ==========

Mithras, already hungry and exhausted, now becomes angry. Someone give this guy a snickers!
Alioth, already hungry, exhausted, and terrified, now becomes angry as well. All this vengeance killing is well and good, but he was promised a bed and a meal ages ago!
Fendrol, already hungry, angry, and afraid, is now absolutely exhausted by his herculean efforts. Time for a goddamn nap, I think he earned it!

Rothschilde, already hungry and afraid, feels the ache in his bones and is exhausted. He yearns for a good night's sleep. Just, rest the eyes a little.


TORCHBEARER: Session 3b (Ogre Set Free)

Fendrol continues his heroes' journey away from his primp and proper former life behind the walls of Solitude and begins exploring his more unorthodox side. Luckily, the mechanism holding this hulking beast was never meant to stop a deft hand such as his. It clatters to the floor.

A torch burns down. The last one being held by Alioth's shaky hand, shedding light onto Fendrol. Rothschilde prepares the emergency lantern and oil, just in case.
Stomachs rumble with want.

A massive 8 ft. tall Ogre stands before you, unsure of what exactly is going on.

What do you do?!
Start Turn 9
8 Turns to Rewards

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World Map


TORCHBEARER: Session 3a (Loot!)

Last time on Torchbearer, some jerks play dress-up and get in a fight. After the beat down they sell an old man to slavers and deface some property.

A heavy marble dragon statue, eloquently detailed and decorated, has been liberated from its full 8-foot tall statue. Intelligence has been gathered detailing multiple intriguing avenues of progress form here. Your light and food supplies run low, your team almost completely weaponless.

What do you do?!

Start Turn 4 - 13 Turns to Rewards


TORCHBEARER: Session 2e (Old Friends)

As has been foreseen, the scroll-crafting is interrupted and Camp is broken by the appearance of your ... acquaintance... Gelorgos the Dark Elf. Small stones tumble down the tall staircase, announcing the arrival on intruders into your sanctuary.

Drum-Haak wakes from his drunken stupor and grits his teeth in anger. He hisses to you all "See now, men. Here the spider has walked into our web. Let us bleed this damnable Elf and take back my ancestors rightful dominion."


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Start Turn 1 - 3 Turns to Rewards

Gelorgos' Map