TORCHBEARER: Session 3a (Loot!)

Last time on Torchbearer, some jerks play dress-up and get in a fight. After the beat down they sell an old man to slavers and deface some property.

A heavy marble dragon statue, eloquently detailed and decorated, has been liberated from its full 8-foot tall statue. Intelligence has been gathered detailing multiple intriguing avenues of progress form here. Your light and food supplies run low, your team almost completely weaponless.

What do you do?!

Start Turn 4 - 13 Turns to Rewards


TORCHBEARER: Session 2e (Old Friends)

As has been foreseen, the scroll-crafting is interrupted and Camp is broken by the appearance of your ... acquaintance... Gelorgos the Dark Elf. Small stones tumble down the tall staircase, announcing the arrival on intruders into your sanctuary.

Drum-Haak wakes from his drunken stupor and grits his teeth in anger. He hisses to you all "See now, men. Here the spider has walked into our web. Let us bleed this damnable Elf and take back my ancestors rightful dominion."


Character Sheets +
Start Turn 1 - 3 Turns to Rewards

Gelorgos' Map


TORCHBEARER: Session 2d (The Old Man)

After an utterly brutal thrashing by powerful Hobgoblin skirmishers led by Ghaaldar, you are all captured, your hands and feet bound in ropes, and your weapons taken from you. The green-skinned brutes gather a few more of their clansmen from nearby halls and haul you away to a disused empty tunnel to be hung upside down by your ankles from hooks in the ceiling. After a few hours, the blood rushing to your heads causes you to pass out into a merciful, forgetful unconsciousness.

When you awake, things are much different. You are still bound and without weapons, but are in a totally foreign location. Your eyes dart around and see your three companions, still with you, all of them in a similar predicament. You are in a rectangular room, the walls, floor and ceiling made of cream-colored stone block mortared together. One wall features a doorway, left open, the old wooden door now riddled with dry rot. Across from that at the other end of the room is a large, carved marble monolith with strange, curved runes etched into the beautiful stone. The other two walls are covered by ancient woven rugs with an intricate woven pattern of maroon, gold, and lavender. Kind of like a never-ending Celtic knot that covers the whole thing. The strands of gold are something special, and glitter in the light.

Oh yes, the light.  In the center of the room stands a wide iron basin on three legs. In it crackles a low fire, warming and lighting the room for all, and burns away at a pile of logs. Standing next to it is a Hobgoblin you have not seen before. He is not as tall and nowhere near as strong-looking as Ghaaldar. He walks about the fire, shadows dancing across the walls, and he walks with a slight hunch to his back. A heavy wool cloak is draped around his slanted shoulders and he leans on a gnobbly walking stick for support. He murmurs a repetitive chant as he does so.

Focusing now on the near  at hand, you feel that you are still tied up at both hands and feet. Furthermore, the ropes holding your hands together are also snagged on a little metal hook dug into the wall behind you, just above your head. It is uncomfortable and annoying. You are resting on a brazier similar to the fiery one in the center of the room, but filled with unlit oil-soaked logs that have been smoothed down into perfect cylinders and a trail of grainy salt placed in a circle around you.



TORCHBEARER: Session 2c (Ghaaldar's Revenge)

The group finds themselves in tight confines with a trio of Hobgoblin warriors, led by the gruff warrior named Ghaaldar. Riding high on a wave of success, they are let down when their magical tricks fade away. Unarmed and enraged, Ghaaldar reaches out to strangle the think ink neck of Fendrol. Accustomed to conquest and taking what is his, Ghaaldar exhorts his guards to help him subdue and capture these Humans with thoughts of coming servitude, imprisonment, and blood sport. Broken bottles and shattered plates crunch underfoot as the combatants shift their stances and prepare thyselves.

You have now been forced into a CAPTURE CONFLICT.

This will function similarly to how you guys dealt with the Goblin cooks from before (link). If you fail this conflict, you will be tied up and taken as slaves for your new Hobgoblin masters. If you succeed, you will escape from this room and Ghaaldar's gaze, ducking down behind a forgotten corridor or hiding behind a crumbling pile of stone. Some things up for grabs either way (depending on ending disposition) will be the helm and sword, a few secret items I have here that you may escape with, taking a hostage of theirs, and of course; Conditions.

Some key differences:

  • Disposition is determined by rolling either Fighter or Hunter and adding it to Will.
  • Attack and Maneuver use Fighter.
  • Defend and Feint use Hunter.
  • You have equal Order of Might with the Hobgoblins.
The Hobgoblins start with a randomly determined disposition, rolling Nature (Bullying) 4D [Ghaaldar has a higher nature than typical Hobgoblins], +2D Help, +4 base nature.

The rolls are: 614 646 (5 successes, wow!) for total of 9 hit points. Since Ghaaldar is a boss, he breaks the rule about splitting HP evenly, so we'll give him more.

Who is Conflict Captain?
What are you rolling for disposition (hit points) ?

Ghaaldar - 5 HP
Hobgoblin #1 - 2 HP
Hobgoblin #2 - 2 HP
====== vs. =======
Mithras - 2 HP
Alioth - 2 HP
Fendrol - 2 HP
Rothschilde - 2 HP


TORCHBEARER: Session 2b (Drow Elf Negotiations)

Alioth has stepped forward, taking charge of the situation and attempting to bully a malicious Elf warrior from the depths of Dunmer. Overconfident, he gets up close to the cunning hunter and let's his guard down. Standing inches apart, the Dunmer Elf snatches Alioth's arms quickly, the bow dropping to the floor. Alioth is physically overpowered and hauled down to the floor face down. Within second, he finds himself hog-tied and bound with tight rope.

The Elf then stands back up, peering at the rest of the part, "I take this one now."

What do you do?!



The four dungeon crawlers find themselves in the bowels of Dragon Keep, a once-mighty fortress and temple now laid waste from the passing of a thousand years and the abandonment of its original defenders from attacks on all sides.

Rumors of forgotten treasures and a mighty magical artifact, The Lost Crown of Tesh-Naga, have lured the unemployable Mithras the Adventurer, Fendrol the Paladin, Alioth the Magician, and Rothschilde the Thaumaturge into this deep dungeon in search of loot. Now, they find themselves lost in a maze of caverns and crumbling ruins far below the mountain surface, skulking behind Hobgoblin warchiefs and killing their Goblin servants in the dark recesses. Staying this long underground and braving these difficult tasks is beginning to take its toll and everyone.

You are now back in the kitchen. Goblin bodies lie face down around you. The stove still burns hot (oil for two more Turns). In one alcove to your left, a dumbwaiter which you have used to send wine upstairs. The next alcove holds a spiral staircase leading to a set of three more doors. To the right, a staircase leading up that has partially collapsed, leaving a 10 - 15 ft chasm. Behind you, twisting tunnels and side passages lead, eventually, back to the portcullis room where you were dropped into after the sliding chute trap.

What do you do!?
Character Sheets +

Begin Session 2!

A big change to how this session will play out, besides of course your increased familiarity with the rules, is that you all have Fate and Persona points. These are rewards that you have earned that will allow you to beat the odds and boost your tests.

Before the Roll

  • spend Persona to add +1D
  • spend Persona to add +D equal to your taxed Nature (Nature gets taxed if outside your Descriptors)

After the Roll

  • spend Fate to explode 6's into new rolls
  • spend Fate to reroll a single failed die roll if the test is within your Wises
  • spend Persona to reroll a all failed dice if the test is within your Wises